Warm greeting from Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters

Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters is run by a team of passionate individuals who love hunting and above that relishes to share the hunting experience with stalkers all around the world. We are professionals and known for our high-quality service, support, and decade-long expertise in the hunting field of the Himalayas. We specialize in Himalayan Blue Sheep hunting and Himalayan Tahr hunting at an affordable cost. We make sure to give you the best trophies possible.

Nepal is an iconic destination to be part of some of the great outdoor activities and enjoy diverse cultural heritage. Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters Pvt. Ltd. is registered under the government of Nepal to conduct lawful hunting tourism in Nepal's Himalayas. We operate sustainable hunting adventures. Likewise, we also offer trekking, tours, mountaineering, and other adventurous trips all over Nepal. Join us at Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters, and we will make your dream of hunting in Nepal come true.


Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters Pvt. Ltd. operates lawful hunting tourism and adventure in Nepal. All of our packages are well designed to give you the best traveling experience in Nepal. High-quality service and client satisfaction are the two core things that we abide by. We want to earn and make a reputation through our works that are very important to us. We pride ourselves on enormous knowledge where we make your journey victorious.

What makes us the best traveling partner is our decade-long experience, friendly crew members, and company's involvement in improving the economy in the mountain villages. As most of our crew members are the natives of the remote Himalayan villages, we make sure every trip brings an opportunity for them to grow as an individual.

Our service speaks for us. We love this profession, and mutual interest does make the best memories.