With adventure comes risks, and when you are travelling in a different country, you have to be backed up by well-covered travel insurance to guard you in an emergency. The most popular tourist activities in Nepal are usually trekking in the Himalayas- where there are no proper means of basic infrastructure, rafting, mountain biking, canyoning, mountaineering, bungy jumping, paragliding, and many other sports activities. 

All of those activities surely offer ultimate adventure but at the same time also involve unseen risks. Even with all the precautions, things can take a turn sometimes. You may get stuck in bad weather, avalanche, landslides, or altitude sickness. Even though Nepal is a pretty safe country to travel to, there are occasional assault and theft cases.

Trekking staff can handle and are trained for some contingencies, but serious situations demand distinctive assistance. So, we ask our guests to have travel insurance as per the trip.

Nepal only offers minor insurance coverage for personal belongings, luggage, and travel documents such as tickets, visas, passports; these can be lost, stolen or damaged. Therefore, we highly recommend you consult a travel insurance company in your home country. In case of any miss happening during the trekking or mountaineering, you might need an air evacuation service. So, you have to carry travel insurance that covers air evacuation and medical bills.