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Get ready to lost in the Himalaya

Get ready to lost in the Himalayas with Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters offers a perfect holiday package for those travelers who desire to explore Nepal Himalaya. The country is unique and magnificent where anyone can be lost with nature here. This is the best opportunity to be part of nature in Nepal.

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Nepal is a ground of adventurous activities and cultural tours. Climb soaring mountains in the Himalayas, trek on the winding trails through picturesque mountain villages and lush forests, dive into the wilderness in Chitwan/Bardiya, go thrilling trophy hunting, or do various outdoor activities like paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping, mountain biking, canoeing, etc.

If you prefer easy-going activities then see Nepal through the eyes of our guide. Visit historical monuments and museums around Nepal, get to know the art, history, culture, and architecture of Nepali people. Relax in top-notch resorts and hotels and enjoy the vacation with loved ones.

We will take care of your needs in Nepal and let you have the most amazing and memorable vacation of your life.