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Trophy Hunting in the Himalayas is the best. The experience you will get while hunting in the Himalayas is unlike any other place. As we have worked and talked with stalkers from all around the world, we know trophy hunting in the Himalayas is a bucket list thing for them. 

Given the expensive price of the hunting packages in Nepal because of many limitations, trophy hunting in the Himalayas is once in a lifetime activity. So, the history of trophy hunting basically goes way back to the royal period when kings and their elite guests get to enjoy it.

After the legalization of trophy hunting by the government of Nepal, hunters from any country can go on this adventurous journey. Do know that only a handful of hunting licenses get rolled out every year. So, not only do you have to pay an expensive price tag but also wish for your luck. 

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Trophy Hunting in Nepal

All of the legal hunts took place in the western part of Nepal. We offer three types of trophy hunting in the Himalayas:

Blue Sheep Hunting

Blue sheep is one of the major hunting species in the high mountains of Nepal. Blue sheep hunting offers a thrill, unlike any other hunt. Imagine chasing after a blue sheep in the foothills of the Himalayas, enjoying stunning mountain views, and coming across a range of flora & fauna. Only a handful of hunters get the privilege to hunt down blue sheep every year, which makes blue sheep hunting in the Himalayan even more exclusive.

We offer adventurous 15 days of blue sheep trophy hunting in spring (March to April) and autumn (October to November). Our blue sheep hunting itinerary flies you to the Dhorpatan hunting reserve in a helicopter, and from there, you will begin ten days of finding your prey. 

During these ten days, you will spend the night in camps and walk on rugged trails to look for the perfect opportunity to hunt blue sheep. We have opened our booking for blue sheep hunting in 2023 & 2024. 

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Himalayan Tahr Hunting

Himalayan tahr hunting is another great hunting sport in the Himalayas and the second-best trophy hunting in Nepal. Hunting Himalayan tahr is as challenging as hunting blue sheep. With a mane of a lion and the strut of a bear, the Himalayan tahr is originally from Nepal and was gifted to Newzealand. Again, the government of Nepal offers a handful of licenses for Himalayan tahr hunting every year, making it very exclusive.

We offer 10 days of Himalayan tahr hunting. The hunting takes place in the Dhorpatan hunting reserve from March to April and October to November. The journey takes you through dense forests and presents impeccable snow-clustered mountain panoramas. You will be camping during the hunting period, and our team will assist you with everything from building tents to cooking delicious meals and finding the perfect Himalayan tahr for you.

You can now book Himalayan tahr hunting for 2023 & 2024 with us. Book early to increase your chances of obtaining a hunting license.

Combo Hunting

Combo hunting lets you hunt two rams at once, including both blue sheep and Himalayan tahr. We can say combo hunting is the ultimate trophy hunting in the Himalayas. We will get you a hunting license for both species. As the adventure is double, the challenge is double too. Our team will give you full support and assist you to hunt down both animals.

Our combo hunting itinerary is 15 days long. Enjoy breathtaking views and learn to survive in the wilderness during the venture. There will be a helicopter in and out of the hunting reserve. We have opened our booking for Combo Hunting 2023 & 2024, respectively. Get in touch with us anytime to know more about the package. 

How to choose the best company for trophy hunting in the Himalayas?

The first thing you should look for is their hunting experience in the Himalayas. How long they have been organizing hunting in the Himalayas, and what is their customer satisfaction rate? Who are in their on-field crew, and what are their experiences in hunting? Whether they are going to help you obtain a hunting license and assist in producing a trophy and shipping it to your home.

Hunting in the Himalayas is on a different level than usual adventures like trekking and climbing. You will be traversing in an isolated part of Nepal, where at most you can come across some small settlement areas. For the main part of the hunt, you have to spend multiple nights in tents and ascend to high altitudes following on trail whatsoever to spot the perfect prey for you. Therefore, very strong and knowledgeable team support is needed. 

See if the team is friendly and their service quality. Look for their contribution to local communities and wildlife preservation. What are their values and goals? All these small things will help you choose the best hunting partner in Nepal. 

As for us, Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters, we have been organizing trophy hunting in the Himalayans for several years now. All of our guests are fully satisfied with our service and attention to their needs. Our team is composed of professional hunters who come from hunting families. With us, you will get the best hunting in Nepal at a price and top-notch service. And we actively work towards the betterment of mountain communities, the environment, and wildlife.

Things you should know before trophy hunting in the Himalayas, Nepal

  • Trophy hunting in the Himalayas is an extreme activity. Apart from handling the weapon, you have to be physically and mentally fit to walk on the rugged trail and live amidst dense forests while the hunting period lasts. What we want to say is you have to prepare yourself for trophy hunting. Include long walks with a backpack a few times before the journey begins. Focus on increasing your core body strength and stamina. You can do cardio like swimming, cycling, running, hiking, etc.
  • There are some basic rules for trophy hunting in the Himalayas that you should know. You can only hunt one animal in one hunting license. You cannot switch between the animals after the license is issued. Female wildlife and younglings are not allowed to hunt. 
  • We cannot take helicopters inside the hunting block, therefore a hunting trip in Nepal is a combination of trekking and hunting.
  • Hunters cannot use automatic weapons to hunt. 
  • In Nepal usually, skin and horns are allowed to collect as a trophy after the game. 
  •  The trophy should be produced under the surveillance of the licensing authority or the officer designated within the prescribed time. 

Some FAQs

Can you hunt in the Himalayas?

Yes, you can hunt in the Himalayas but only inside the hunting reserve. Nepal has a legal hunting area called Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, where stalkers can enjoy hunting by obtaining a license.

Is trophy hunting of (Bharal) blue sheep and Himalayan tahr contributing to their conservation in Nepal?

Yes, trophy hunting of Bharal blue sheep and Himalayan Tahr contribute to their conservation in Nepal. Only limited licenses are issued by the government of Nepal to hunt these animals. The wildlife conservation department keeps a record of these animals and maintains their numbers. The government authorities make sure the animals are breeding to keep the hunting legacy going. 

Is hunting allowed in Nepal?

Yes, hunting is allowed in Nepal. However, you can only hunt in the designated area by getting a hunting permit from the government.

What can you hunt in the Himalayas?

You can hunt species like blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, wild boar, selected pheasants, and different species of deer in the Himalayas. The most famous ones are blue sheep and Himalayan tahr.

How much does it cost to hunt in Nepal?

Hunting in Nepal is expensive. For example, hunting blue sheep, it will cost around USD 70k to USD 80k. The hunt took place in remote areas. You have to camp and prepare all the food by yourself. Therefore, you will need strong support from porters in addition to hunting guides for the venture.

In which province does the Dhorpatan hunting reserve lie?

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is located west of Dhaulagiri Himal in Nepal. The reserve lies inside Rukum, Myagdi, and Baglung districts and covers 1,325 square kilometers of area.

How many hunting reserves are there in Nepal?

There is only one hunting reserve in Nepal called Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.

What countries allow trophy hunting?

You can do trophy hunting in countries like Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and several other countries in East, Central, and South Asia.

Do trophy hunters eat the meat?

It depends on the hunters. Most of the hunters share the meat with their family and friends. In Nepal, after you hunt, the crew will help you sort out the meat and prepare it for you to take home. They will dry the meat and make exclusive delicious delicacies if you want.

Is trophy hunting good?

Yes, there is no issue with trophy hunting if it is done properly under the guidance of professionals. It supports the local community and helps them carry their hundreds of years old traditions.


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Sher Waiba

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