• Last updated on May 27, 2021

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Nepal may be home to the magnificent Himalaya and all their wonders, but the country also has vast stretches of jungle with exotic wildlife and everything in between the lowlands and snowy summits. The exciting destinations of Nepal are great places to spend time for rest and relaxation, rejuvenation, leisure and access to adventure.

Where to go in includes the Himalaya and the world’s best trekking areas and many Himalayan-fed rivers where visitors can refresh, especially after a long trek or other adventure. Nepal’s destinations for treks, safaris, city tours of World Heritage splendor, adventure sports and leisure activities as well as the many other cultural and natural destinations offer an exhilarating range of holiday options.

With a varied landscape from jungle plains to the highest peaks on the planet, Nepal has a wide selection of destinations choose from. There is much to see and do and many places to experience for scenery, culture, adventure, leisure and more.