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Hunting in Nepal is an adventure and challenging, but it is one of the best hunting destinations around the world. We Offer Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep hunting packages at a reasonable cost to hunting in Dhorpatan. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is a solo hunting place that has allowed special species of animal hunting in Nepal. It is situated in the western part of Nepal. The reserve covered 1325 square kilometer in three district called Baglung, Myagdi and Rukum. It is the main hunting reserve where only possible to hunt Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep. Nepal has not at other hunting reserves, maybe more hunting reserves will open in the future. Nepal is the best option for adventure hunting around the globe.

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This combination hunt is the most demanding and selling package after the Blue Sheep Hunting package in Nepal. It is also called combo hunt. The spring (March- April), and autumn (October- November) are the perfect season for Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep Hunting in Nepal. Hunting has not been allowed in any other season except for these seasons in Nepal. These two animals' trophy hunting is challenging but it would be a great and memorable experience for you. Nepal Himalayas is a real trophy hunting place among the hunting destinations. For some hunters, Nepal hunting could be tougher than mountain expedition. The country is also huge rich in flora and fauna in the world.

Our Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep (Combo) hunting is a fully customized package. It is 15 Days fully guided hunting trip that will lead by a professional team in the mountain. Quality tented accommodation and hygienic food will provide you, and the best helicopter service for drop/ pick up in the mountain. Himalayan Tahr is found below 4000 meters and Blue Sheep are above 4000 meters to 5500 meters in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. We will provide you with the best trophy of Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep as per your desire. The best trophy with the best deal, we don't compromise in the quality hunt. You can book any time for Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep hunting in Nepal with us. We will make your Nepal hunting dream become true. We will assist you regarding your Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep hunting in Nepal Himalayas.

The company also has been operating Everest Helicopter Tour, Trekking, Climbing, 1 day Tour, Short trekking, Hiking, and others adventures programs except hunting in Nepal. Nepal is a paradise for travel, an uncountable holiday destination for recreation. Nepal's destinations are more suitable for all groups of age. Everyone can travel as per your requirements in Nepal. Hunting tourism is expanding every year in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. The department of the national park and wildlife conservation has issued a limited quota of Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep for hunting in Dhorpatan. It is very difficult to take more a permit and license for Sheep and Tahr tags. The early booking gets priority due to the limited quota for hunting in Nepal.

Our booking is open for further process and to reserve the permit and licenses in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. You can check our best-selling hunting packages which are Blue sheep Hunting in Nepal, Himalayan Tahr Hunting in Nepal, and Combo (Himalayan Tahr and Blue Sheep) Hunting in Nepal. We will assist you regarding the hunting safari trip in Nepal. Lastly, your reliable and sustainable hunting outfitter in Nepal Himalayas.

Sher Waiba

Sher Waiba

Mr. Waiba is a mountaineering and hunting expert in Nepal Himalaya. He has been organizing treks, tours, and hunting safari in Nepal. If you love any kind of adventure activities as well as hunting tours, you can contact him. You can also link to his social media: Facebook