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Blue Sheep hunting is a popular and challenging trophy game in the world. It is only possible to hunt in the Dhorpatan hunting reserve. Hunting is only allowed in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in Nepal. Blue Sheep, also called "Nayaur" in Nepal and "Bharal" in Pakistan. You can see Blue Sheep on The high mountain. The place must be high where Blue Sheep founds in the world. Blue Sheep is the main species of hunting in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. The department of national park and wildlife conservation has issued only 20 males of Blue Sheep to hunt every year in Nepal. The hunting quota is limited for a hunt in the Dhorpatan hunting reserve. The bidding (auction) occurs to get the hunting permit in Nepal. We have to go auction to take the Blue Sheep hunting license. Sometimes quite challenging to get the quota of animals because of high bidding. Therefore, Blue Sheep Hunting is a bit more expensive than in other countries in Nepal. We can say Nepal is a real hunting place to harvest the trophy of Blue Sheep in the world.

We have been providing Blue Sheep Hunting trips for decades in Nepal. We have long experience of hunting in Nepal. The experienced hunting guide will lead you on the mountain. We always focused on high-quality Blue Sheep hunts in Nepal. We offer you the best Blue Sheep hunting package at an affordable cost. We need the best time for Blue Sheep hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. You will get tented accommodation on the mountain throughout the hunting. The best helicopter service for hunting. Hunters get back home with the best trophy of Blue Sheep from Nepal. We believe in hard work. The best result comes after only hard work in any sector. We should do to get the best Blue sheep trophy during the hunt.

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Where is the Blue Sheep Hunting in Nepal?

Blue Sheep is hunted only in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. We can hunt Blue Sheep after being issued a license from the government of Nepal in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. The Blue Sheep population is seen worthy in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve nowadays. You can hunt only matured and old Blue Sheep in Reserve. It is a bit challenging to get the old Sheep because they like to live far from predators. A professional guide leads the Blue Sheep hunting trip in the mountain. Our team is always focused on the best trophy of Blue Sheep to hunt. You have to ascend 4500 meters to hunt Sheep. It is a challenging hunt in the world.

Where is the Dhorpatan Hunting reserve?

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is situated in the western area of Nepal. It is the only hunting reserve in Nepal. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve was established in 1985 to conduct hunting tourism. The main office has located at an elevation of 2850 meters from sea level in the Dhorpatan Municipality in the Baglung district. Blue Sheep hunting is only allowed in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Dhorpatan Hunting reserve covered 1385 square kilometers in the Baglung, Myagdi, and Rukum districts. The Dhorpatan is rich in the culture and beauty of nature. You will be amazed after being there.

Blue Sheep Hunting is fit for me?

Blue Sheep Hunting is more adventure and challenging than in other countries. The passionate hunter can able to hunt in Nepal. Blue Sheep Hunting trip has fit those hunters who love sheep hunting and accepts the challenge in the world. You are fit and have never experienced any hunt yet. You have to consult with an expert before booking a hunt in Nepal. We humbly request you all who have a health issue please don't try this hunt. There is no age limitation for the Blue Sheep hunt, but you have to consider it before going to hunt in Nepal. Your health condition should be fine for hunting Blue Sheep. Never compromise the health. Health is wealth and it is the most important than hunting.

How to prepare for this Blue Sheep Hunt myself?

The physically and mentally Blue Sheep Hunt is challenging in the Nepal Himalayas. It is a worldwide famous hunt. The hunters want to experience a Blue Sheep hunt once in a life. But this hunt is different than other countries. It is always in your mind how to make fit for the Blue Sheep hunt. You don't need to do much more exercise. You need only more stamina to hunt at high altitudes. You can do just simple exercise every day which is morning walks, cycling at home. You have to go hiking with a 5-7 kg backpack at least twice a time every week. This hiking will support you to lift your breath on the high mountain. The workouts must start from early six months to be fit. The proper exercise is enough for Blue Sheep hunting in Nepal.

How to go to Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve?

Dhorpatan Hunting reserve is posited in the western part of Nepal. It is quite far from Kathmandu city. There are two options to go to the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve now. One from the helicopter and another by 4WD Jeep. If you go by Jeep, it takes around 2 or 3 days and the helicopter will take almost one and half hours to access the hunting reserve. We always recommend helicopters for the Blue Sheep hunt in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. It is a bit more expensive than others but easy and comfy to access in the mountain.

The best season for Blue Sheep hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve?

The best season is fall (October-November) and spring (March- April) for hunting Blue Sheep in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. It is the best time to visit Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. The weather is very clear in the fall and spring seasons. You can see everything perfectly in the mountain. Other seasons are closed for hunting except for these two seasons in Nepal. If you love adventure hunting, you can be there in the spring season for Blue Sheep Hunting. You will get much more snow in the spring season, and fall is colder than the spring season in Nepal. But we can say both seasons are best for Blue Sheep hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.

How many hunting blocks are in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve?

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve covers 1825 square kilometers of area in Nepal. There are six blocks allocated for Blue Sheep hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. Three blocks in Baglung district, one block in Myagdi district, and two blocks in Rukum district are situated respectively. The hunting blocks are neither easy nor difficult. it depends on you. As per the block, the department of national park and wildlife conservation determines the quota of Blue Sheep for the hunt in Dhorpatan. The Blue Sheep quota is only twenty allocated for a hunt every year.

Blue Sheep Hunting itinerary

  • Day01: Kathmandu- Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
  • Day02: Hiking
  • Day03: Hunting base camp
  • Day04: Hunting trip begins
  • Day05-12: Hunting continues
  • Day13-14: Back to helicopter place
  • Day15: Fly back to Kathmandu

We also have been providing Himalayan Tahr Hunting and combo (Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr) hunting in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve in Nepal. It is another the best hunting package after Blue Sheep hunting in Nepal. You can contact us about hunting in Nepal at any time. We will assist you with any kind of trip except hunting in Nepal.

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Sher Waiba

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