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Trophy hunting is a famous game among hunting lovers across the world. Different countries with different species are available for the hunt. Even Nepal is one among them and very popular to hunt now. Two different species of animals are allowed to hunt in Nepal; namely one called Blue Sheep and another Himalayan Tahr. These animals have their local names which are respectively "Naur" and "Jharal" which means Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr. Both animals have different natures which means Blue Sheep can encounter an elevation of 4000 meters to 5500 meters and Himalayan Tahr below 4200 meters in Nepal Himalaya.

We Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters have been organizing hunting trips since 2018 in Nepal. Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve is a single reserve where Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr are allowed to trophy game hunting in Nepal. Nepal's Government is trying to open another hunting area in the east of Nepal. It is called Kanchenjunga where hunting was allowed before but unfortunately, it has closed from the massif civil war of the Maoist period to till this date. We hope that will resume very soon. There we can hunt only Blue Sheep. The trophy hunting game is operating only in the Dhorpatan Hunting reserve now.

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Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters as a hunting outfitters, we offer you three hunting packages at an affordable cost which are; Blue Sheep Hunting, Himalayan Tahr Hunting, and Combo (Blue Sheep and Himalayan Tahr) Hunting. The trophy Hunting Trips will be led by a professional hunting guide and other local experts in the mountain. We provide high-quality tented accommodation, hygienic Foods, cooks, porters, and Sherpa throughout the trophy hunting on the mountain. We always use luxuries Helicopter for hunting in Nepal. These trophy hunting trips will be done within 8-15 days as per our itinerary. You can also consider about hunting package before booking with us. If you are not satisfied, we will manage everything as per your request.

We are especially focusing on trophy hunting tourism in Nepal Himalayas now. Except for Trophy hunting, we also have been organizing Helicopter tours all over Nepal, Trekking, Climbing, Short trek/ tours, and other adventure mountaineering activities in Nepal. Both spring and autumn are the best seasons for all activities and trophy hunting safari in Nepal. Although, trophy hunting is challenging in Nepal. It is beyond the imagination, you have to be strong mentally and physically for trophy hunting in Nepal. But it will more exciting and lifetime memorable experience hunting in your life. If you are planning to hunt in Nepal, you can contact us at any time.

Why trophy hunting in Nepal with us?

We have long experience hunting in Nepal and approximately 15 years of field experience with a professional team. We always make an effort to quality trophy hunting in Nepal which shows our quality work in the hunting field. We don't compromise on the quality hunt and service. You can contact us for only quality hunting in Nepal.

What to pack for hunting in Nepal?

Hunting in Nepal is a challenging trophy game expedition. Nepal is a Himalayan country where you can sight a lot of high mountain peaks throughout your journey. Hunting is one kind of adventure activity on the mountain. Therefore we need to pack essential things which are given below in numbers;

  • Binoculars (Leica/ Swarovski or any your favorite)
  • Good Range finder
  • A spotting scope (Swarovski)
  • Personal essentials gear (Cash, sleeping bag, hiking boat, extra shoes for hiking, socks, camera, jackets, batteries, clothing, underwear, urinary bottle, small backpack, sunscreen, lip balm, sandals, sunglasses, sun hat, warm hat, gloves, rain pants, rain jacket, neck gaiter, foot gaiter, headlamp, water bottle, trekking pole, etc.)
  • Your first aid kit bag {medicine}
  • Travel insurance
  • Hotel booking details paper
  • Your gun license and permit
  • Other necessary travel documents

We hope the above-mentioned information will meet your requirement and if you need further details feel free to contact us at any time.

What is the best season for hunting in Nepal?

As a hunting outfitter of Nepal, we recommended you both the autumn and spring season for hunting in Nepal. The only difference is more snow in the spring than autumn season during hunts in the mountain. The season of October- November, and March- April are superb and perfect for hunting in Nepal.

What is the maximum altitude of hunting in Nepal?

If you are planning to hunt Blue Sheep; you need to go climb up to 5500 meters along with rugged and steep trails in the mountain. Sometimes, you can see Blue Sheep at a slightly lower altitude. This Blue Sheep can occur above 4000 meters and it is also called the mountain Sheep. Himalayan Tahr can appear in the alpine area in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. It is found at an altitude of 3800 meters from sea level in Nepal. Himalayan Tahr hunt is slightly easy to harvest than the Blue Sheep hunt but we have to do hard work throughout the hunting in the Himalayas.

Hunting in Nepal is on your bucket list, if yes you can contact us regarding hunting in the Himalayas.

Sher Waiba

Sher Waiba

Mr. Waiba is a mountaineering and hunting expert in Nepal Himalaya. He has been organizing treks, tours, and hunting safari in Nepal. If you love any kind of adventure activities as well as hunting tours, you can contact him. You can also link to his social media: Facebook