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There's nothing more adventurous and wild than chasing your prey amidst dense, dark forests in the Himalayas. Hunting in this era does sound contradictory, but for Nepal, it represents its royal history and some of the major events.

First of all, we want you to know that hunting has a very deep root in Nepal that dates way back to the 9th century. And today, trophy hunting in Nepal is only allowed in one area called Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, and the license for hunting is provided under strict rules & regulations.

Trophy hunting is still loved and performed by hunters all around the world. What makes trophy hunting in Nepal different is the difficult terrain, and obstacles hunters have to overcome to get their prize. In the end, all the sweat, hardships, and endurance multiply the feeling of victory one gets during hunting in Nepal.

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Trophy Hunting in Nepal

Hunting in Nepal is a privilege and very expensive. Only a handful of hunting licenses get issued by the government of Nepal every year and distributed to the applicants like a lucky draw. Some hunters even have to wait a year or two to get the chance to hunt in Nepal.

Trophy hunting in the Himalayas comes with the perk of stunning views of the Himalayan Mountains. The trail likewise ascends through verdant forests of rhododendron and bamboo. Depending upon the season you choose to hunt in Nepal, the trail gets bloomed with seasonal vegetation & flora. By the way, the best hunting season in Nepal is autumn (October to November) and spring (March to April).

Hunting in Nepal Himalaya by an Expert

We, Himalayan Wildlife Outfitter are one of the leading travel agencies in Nepal that specialize in mountain trophy hunting. Our team consists of professional hunters whose families have a great history of hunting. You will be accompanied by expert hunters who will help you find the best prey and support in every step.

We assist foreign hunters every year in their adventurous hunting expeditions. Our hunting packages are well designed and cover accommodation, meals, permits, hunting weapons import/export, and the expenses of the crew. We offer the best blue sheep hunting price and Himalayan tahr hunting price in the market with top-notch service and safety guarantee.

You can call or text us your queries for more information.

Hunting in Nepal difficulty

We do not want to exaggerate, but trophy hunting in Nepal is the toughest in the world. Reaching the hunting area itself is a challenge. You can either fly in/out of the hunting reserve in a private helicopter or take a long drive. From the hunting reserve, you hike to the hunting base camp (3,800 m) and gradually ascend up to 4,200 meters looking for your prey.

For the next 8 to 10 days, you will be hiking through dense forests, making your way. The trail is not well made and rarely visited by anyone. You may have to crawl, stoop or even jump to avoid lower/swinging branches. And you may also get starches on your face and hands from thorns.

Till now, you might have got the idea about facilities along the hunting route, and that's none. While hunting in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, you will get accompanied by a crew that includes your guide, professional hunters, kitchen staff, and porters. All the essentials from water to fuel and tents are carried by the crew.

We set accommodation and cook our meals by ourselves. We clean before leaving the camps. The crew does all the little things so that our guests can focus on hunting. Even with all the assistance, the hunter has to be ready physically and mentally to hunt in the Himalayas.

Preparation for trophy hunting in Nepal

Hunting in the Himalayas comes with a lot of limitations. Apart from the lack of modern comforts, the participants also have to endure the remoteness and elevation of the region. As the hunting takes place at a high altitude with low oxygen pressure, the journey gets more exhausting than it should be. The pressure on your body and mind is huge while hunting.

The hunter has to be patient and wait for the prey to come right up to the edge of the cliff to get a satisfying shot chance, and no one knows when it's going to happen. The strenuous walk through rugged, steep & forested paths demands strong physical fitness and stamina. 7 to 8 hours of the walk is needed every day.

To prepare for hunting in Nepal, you have to first take care of your body. Do regular exercises and hike. Build your stamina and strength. For metal preparation, keep reminding yourself that the facilities while hunting will be very limited. You may not get any network for multiple days. No internet, no charging facilities, no easy environment.

During packing, be mindful and pack small things like a solar charger, spare batteries, toilet paper, mirror, moisturizer, lip balms, paper soap, some light games, snacks, etc. Our team will assist you with packing and send you the packing list during the booking procedure as well.

Solo Hunting in Nepal

Solo trophy hunting in Nepal is not allowed. The hunters from any part of the world have to organize the hunting venture through a registered hunting agency or an outfitter in Nepal.

Hunting Packages

Blue sheep hunting and Himalayan Tahr hunting are the two famous sports hunting games in the Himalayas. The hunting takes place between dense forests and black rocks at an elevation above 3,500 meters.

Nepal has only one legal hunting area, Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve. It was established in 1987 to keep continuing the hunting legacy in the country at the same time protecting and breeding the animals. The hunting reserve is 1,325 square kilometers and covers Baglung, Myagdi, and Rukum districts.

Blue Sheep Hunting in Nepal

Join our next blue sheep hunting venture and get to be a part of the world's greatest mountain hunts. Blue sheep trophy hunting is an unparalleled hunting trip that offers breathtaking mountain panoramas, challenges every corner of your body, and tests your endurance.

Blue sheep is one of the most sought-after hunting species in Nepal. The adventure and thrill offered by blue sheep hunting are unlike any other hunts. As per the number of blue sheep, the license quota is decided by the national park every year and then opened to the hunters.

​​Blue sheep is a high mountain animal that is found from 3,500 meters to 6000 meters. They are usually found in the bare, rocky hills above the tree line and below the snow line.

Also known as Bharal, blue sheep have excellent camouflage ability and remain motionless when approached. If they sense their enemy's presence, they rush up the steep cliffs and freeze to blend into the rock face.

Our Blue Sheep Hunting Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu
  • Day 2: Fly to Hunting Area
  • Day 3: Hike to hunting base camp
  • Day 4-12: Hunting starts
  • Day 13: Back to helicopter camp
  • Day 14: Flight to Kathmandu

Himalayan Tahr Hunting in Nepal

Himalayan Tahr Hunting is another most famous hunting package in Nepal. It is also challenging and adventurous hunting in the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve amidst the forests and rocky trails.

The facts say, Nepal gifted Himalayan tahr to New Zealand, and that began the Himalayan Tahr Hunting legacy in that country.

Himalayan Tahr is known for its mane like a lion and strut like a bear. They are usually found on rocky terrain in a cool climate. During Himalayan Tahr Hunting in the Himalayas, you can spot them on rugged woodlands and slopes, from 2,500 m to 5,000 m.

Only male tahrs are allowed to hunt. The male Himalayan tahr is usually bigger in size and heavier than the female Himalayan tahr. Their horns reach up to 46 centimeters and are curved backward.

Our Himalayan Tahr Hunting Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu
  • Day 2: Kathmandu - Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve by chopper
  • Day 3: Hike to Base Camp
  • Day 4-7: Hunting starts
  • Day 8: Back to Helicopter spot
  • Day 9: Back to Kathmandu
  • Day 10: Final departure

Any questions about hunting in Nepal Himalayas, please don't hesitate to ask. We will very happy to assist you here. 

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