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Hunting in this era might sound a little off to anyone but to keep on the legacy practiced by our ancestors, some parts of the world allow legal hunting under strict regulations. As Nepal has a very profound association with hunting and possesses a long hunting legacy, the country now offers one of the best legal trophy hunting games in the world.

Hunting in Nepal is a privilege that only a handful of hunters get to enjoy every year. The Nepal government issues limited hunting licenses each year depending upon the population of the wildlife. Blue sheep hunting and Himalayan tahr hunting are especially famous in Nepal. These two hunting takes place amidst deep damp forests in of the remotest parts of the country and ascends above 5,000 meters.

Trophy hunting in Nepal means hunting in the Himalayas, which is full of challenges yet offers the best hunting experience a stalker can have in their lifetime. You get to enjoy phenomenal sceneries and breathtaking mountain views. Along with the view, there is a thrill of chasing your prey and finding the right chance to take it down. And above all, the raw and unspoiled venture far away from all the bustling tourist areas makes hunting in Nepal Himalayas an outstanding trip.

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Nepal Hunting Safari Package

At Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters, we specialize in three hunting packages - Blue Sheep Hunting, Himalayan Tahr Hunting, and Combo Hunting. These three hunting packages are our best sellers. We provide full hunting and boarding support through our hunting packages. Our team will take care of all your needs during the hunting period and make the journey as comfortable as possible.

Talking about the above-mentioned hunting packages, you can join us anytime. The best seasons to enjoy hunting in the Himalayas are spring (March to April) and autumn (October to November). We already have opened our booking for hunting in the Himalayas 2022 autumn and early booking for hunting in the Himalayas 2023 spring/autumn. So, if you are planning to hunt in Nepal, feel free to talk with our representative and do the booking if everything looks fine to you.

Let's talk about the highlights of all three hunting packages. It'll help you choose the best option for you.

Blue Sheep Hunting

  • Blue sheep hunting takes place amidst the black Rocky Mountains and wild vertical slope terrain, not inhabited by any humans.
  • Enjoy an unparalleled hunting experience in the mountains of Nepal, guided by professional hunters.
  • Come across the rich flora and fauna of the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.
  • It's a 10-15 days hunting trip.
  • You can hunt one blue sheep with one permit.
  • The fantastic camouflage ability of this animal makes the hunting very compelling and adventurous.
  • It is a camping venture. All the tents & necessities are carried by our porters during the hunt. You can focus on hunting, and our crew will make sure everything else is in place.
  • Blue sheep hunting is difficult because of the rugged terrain and high altitude. Test your endurance and feel a great achievement.

Himalayan Tahr Hunting

  • You can hunt one Himalayan tahr with one permit.
  • The physical appearance of this animal - mane like a lion and strut like a bear, offers a very exclusive hunting experience.
  • The Himalayan tahr is usually spotted on slopes from 2,500 meters to 3,8000 meters.
  • You can only hunt male tahr.
  • It's a 7-10 days hunting trip with us.
  • Hunt in the Himalayas, relishing majestic mountain views and diverse vegetation.
  • Serene Venture yet adventurous route through steep dense forests.
  • Hunt with professional hunters in Nepal and learn exclusive hunting tips from them.
  • Camping accommodation and full board support with the best price in the market.

Combo Hunting (Blue Sheep & Himalayan Tahr)

  • You get to hunt two animals- blue sheep and Himalayan tahr in combo hunting.
  • The trip is challenging and requires previous hunting experience.
  • Get accompanied by our expert hunting crew and porters, who will assist you during the hunt.
  • The trip is 15 days long and explores the wilderness of Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve.
  • Witness breathtaking mountain views and enjoy hunting in the remotest parts of the Himalayas.
  • Chase your prey and get deep into the dense forests of Nepal
  • Get the best price for combo hunting with us. Our on-field crew help in making the trophy and shipping it to your home.

Hunting in Nepal Himalaya by Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters

We, Himalayan Wildlife Outfitters, are a locally registered travel company. We offer adventurous activities like hunting, trekking, tour, and expeditions in Nepal. Our company is one of the oldest in Nepal with great customer satisfaction.

We are a team of professional hunters who have been hunting in the mountains of Nepal for numerous years. Likewise, we also have successfully led many individuals and groups in the Himalayas on hunting trips. We are experts in hunting in Nepal and offer safe & smooth hunting ventures.

Some of the perks you get with us:

  • Guaranteed hunting trips
  • Best trophy hunting price in the market
  • Team of professional hunters
  • Sustainable hunting
  • Full boarding support
  • 24/7 service
  • Hunting weapon training

Preparation for Hunting in Nepal

To hunt in Nepal, you have to do lots of preparation, from making your body & mind ready for the challenges to getting the right clothing, gear, & equipment. Once the trip gets confirmed from our side, one of our team members will assist you with packing. He/she will also provide you with a packing list.

Best Hunting Seasons in Nepal

March to April and October to November are the best hunting months in Nepal. The stable weather and clear day make the prey visible. The climate is moderate, which makes camping accommodation easy and comfortable. In spring and autumn, the views of the surrounding mountain are stunning too, which makes the hunting even more fantastic. The temperature ranges from 5°C to 18°C, perfect for hunting and enjoying the venture. Winter and summer/monsoon are off-season for hunting in Nepal. We do not advise hunting in these two seasons.

Check out these blogs to get more insights about hunting in Nepal: Trophy Hunting in the Himalayas, Nepal 2022 & 2023, and Blue Sheep Hunting in the Himalayas on Low Budget- Trophy Hunting. Please remember us for quality and sustainable hunting in Nepal Himalayas.  

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Sher Waiba

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